Thursday, 5 February 2009

Mass substrate cultivation - Straw + Cakes

So I've done this now , this is the first time I've used straw in this way but I think I've got the method down. Here's what I did.

Bought one large bag of straw from the garden centre, half filled 2 pillow cases with said straw.

Boiled a half pan of water added 2 tablespoons of gypsum ( available from brewers shops )

Submerge one pillow case in the pan and boil for an hour. Beware unless you wash your straw first it will start to stink like shit after 15 minutes. I mean really fucking stink.

Sit the pillow case on a collander on your back step, draining board or whatever and boil t'other.

Once both bags have been pasturised and cooled empty them both into a large heavy duty clear bin bag.

Crush up afew PF cakes in a bag as described in the casing method, add this spawn to the straw and aggitate to spread spawn around.

Press this bag into a large storage box with a lid and leave it somewhere dark to colonize.

I'm actually keeping it at just under 25C , a temperature less favourable to trichoderma. Colonization will still occur just a little slower, I always have several terrariums going so I'm hardley ever in a rush to fruit.

Personally I prefer to incubate at a slightly cooler temperature, most ppl will prolly disagree but thats how I work and I don't suffer failures.

Lemme know if theres anything imparticular you want to know about want looking into, I'm always trying new methods and teks, and doing my best to improve them.

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