Saturday, 24 January 2009

Preparing your cakes to fruit

D-Tek “Dunk and Roll”
Step 1
· You will need to prepare your cakes using the PF-tek
· Fill a large pan with cold water
· After consolidation birth your cakes into a bowl scrape off the excess verm
· A healthy cake will have a nice fresh mushroom smell
· Wash the cake under running water and place it in the pan of water
· Repeat step 1 actions 3~5 until all cakes are in the pan
· Soak for 24 hours
Step 2
· Bake several cups of verm in the oven for 60 minutes and allow to cool in oven
· Remove a cake from the pan and once more wash it under running water
· Roll the cake in the baked verm so its covered entirely
· Next place a square of foil adequately sized to allow your cake to sit on it into your PFtek terrarium
· Place your rolled cake onto the foil
· Repeat step 2 actions 2~5 until all cakes are in your PF-tek terrarium
Step 3
· Put the lid on your terrarium and wait for 30 minutes
· Then mist the terrarium and the cakes 4 times or until the verm on the cakes in saturated
· Expect to see growth within 1 week

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